Energy Box

energy box

We all need breaks sometimes. And all kids need more active ways to help their brains and overall functioning. It makes me sad to think recess, free time, and unstructured play is all too often taken away in our society. A lot of kids are punished in ways that minimalizes their chances to get their energy out and it’s contradictory of what they really need….So with all that in mind I created this intervention a few years ago after working with so many high energy kiddos. I was seeing the direct correlation in the classroom of them just needing more positive releases and outlets for their energy.

All you need is:

  •  A small box and the print out below! I usually use a tissue box because its a great size and easier for Preschool aged children to get out the cards one at a time.

  • Have the child, client, group or class help decorate the box as it helps them to invest in it and take ownership

  • Energy Box Cards, click here to get them: Energy Box Cards 1….Print the cards (cardstock is best and laminate for more durability), Cut them out and place them inside the box

When the child or client or group has too much energy direct them to the Energy Box to pick a card and complete the task!

Some children enjoy doing the entire box or a few at a time, other times one card is all they may need. There are blank cards that you can have them create their own or you can make some! (the pictures are from clipart online which is why some have writing on them, please don’t report me for cutting and pasting :)) Also, please note this was created for Preschool age which is why there are just pictures and numbers on the cards. Really it can be used with any age and adapted however you so choose! It was created so the child when needed can complete the task on their own.

This is one of my all time favorite creations! It is adaptable and versatile, can be used individually or with groups, and can be used in home or school or wherever you want to settings! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and my clients do!


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