Get Your Feelings Out So You Don’t Blow Up!

Boom Boom Balloon! Get Your Feelings Out So You Don’t Blow Up!

Boom Boom Balloon is a great family friendly game that can be purchased pretty much anywhere that you can find a good selection of children’s board games. You may remember commercials for it that have aired over the past year or so since it came out. Well, it’s a great visual image and illustration for kids of how we blow up or explode when we keep our feelings inside and don’t share about them.

What you need:

  • Boom Boom Balloon
  • a feelings dice

You play the game similar to the normal way but when it’s your turn to roll the dice you roll the number dice (that comes with the game) and a feelings dice (you can make your own out of cubes or even paper). Whatever feeling you roll you share about and then you push in the pins the number you rolled. Take turns in either an individual, group, or family session sharing until the balloon pops and then talk about how if we were that balloon and we weren’t sharing our feelings we may explode or blow up or pop. You can also have the kids share about times they’ve gotten angry and exploded over something after lots of little things built up and they just couldn’t take it anymore. Kids love the game and this is a fun way to tie in sharing about feelings and processing why it is important to share about our feelings and to get them out.


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