Barrel of Pretzel Monkeys


Barrel of Monkeys is such a simple and fun way to work with kids on focusing, attentiveness, self-control and frustration tolerance.  It’s one of my favorite games that I always keep handy as it can really help anyone to build these skills! 

I have a lot of young clients who have experienced neglect, abuse, and/or have attachment issues. Food is a natural nurturance provider so I like to try to include snacks in session when possible.

The other day it totally hit me that you could totally play Barrel of Monkeys with pretzels! It works great! The large thin pretzels work the best because of their size. Half the time when you open a bag there are many pretzels already broken. Using broken ones and whole ones is a good combo. The client gets the reward of eating them after they pick up several or fill up a small cup or however you wanted to set the goal or keep changing it to make it more challenging. 



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