Newly Improved Calm Down Glitter Bottle 

I’ve been making Calm Down Glitter Bottles for years now but just started making them a new way that’s awesome! Baby Oil and Water, who would’ve thought?! All you need is a plastic bottle, food coloring, water, baby oil, and glitter (optional) 🙂

  • Fill the plastic bottle with half water and have the child pick a color to make the water colorful
  • add 1-2 drops of food coloring and shake it up
  • then add baby oil and there you have it 🙂
  • add glitter too if you so choose

Shake it up and watch the two liquids mix together. Teach the child to watch the bottle calm down and practice deep breaths to help their own bodies calm down. These are great for calming, sensory, and just plain old fun!


For more info on Calm Down Glitter Bottles and an awesome handout check out my buddy Kristina’s page:


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