Don’t Break The Ice Block Feelings

There are so many great games that you can make therapeutic! A little creativity with most things and you can make play therapy happen like magic!

Don’t Break The Ice is one of those great games!

First, just grab some colored stickers and place them on the bottom of the blocks. You could use any stickers and make them themed but if you use the same sized stickers you can’t tell what color it is underneath. When you get all the stickers on it will look like this….


Then make a color chart to show what feelings will represent which color. I like to do this with the clients and they can pick the feelings and which color to relate to each 🙂 Also, I like to do it with the clients and they keep the page of feelings after that they can use at home with other games or things for the week.

If you have difficult clients you could always make this before!

Then turn it over and place on the little ice bear and take turns playing the game the way you normally would, but whichever block you knock out on your turn you share about that feeling or a time you felt that way. You could also have them narrow this down to something from their week or related to at school or at home, etc. There are so many options for sharing!

Other ideas for playing are:

  • Have the child show the feeling on their face. This is a great way to help younger children build emotional literacy and understanding
  • Share about when someone in your family feels that way
  • Play it as a family therapy game and share about someone else in your family and a time they felt that way or what might make them feel that way and then ask the family member if that feeling did or does occur then!
  • For a home based session you can have a child go ask someone else in their family what makes them feel that way


There are many more games that can be used in therapy, especially for teaching social-emotional skills. Stay tuned for more to come on my blog with these 🙂

I have a friend who also made Don’t Break The Ice with writing things under the ice blocks, check it out here (and some other games too)!


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