Match That Feeling (Feelings Memory)

Make your own Feelings Memory Games or as I call this Match That Feeling 🙂

This is so easy and fun to do and you really can do it with any character, theme, or item that a client may take a liking too. I created my first set of these was Spiderman (shown above on the right) to use with a client who loved Spiderman and was very guarded and introverted. It was a great tool to help him open up and I’ve made numerous sets that have helped with so many kiddos!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard or Cardstock
  • A color printer and print out the theme you are using (Spiderman, Lego’s, Dora The Explorer, Minions, etc.)
  • Also print out one side as the different face feelings, make 2 of each so they match! You can use just general feelings faces (as with the Spiderman set above) or find ones of the characters expressing different feelings (as in the Lego cards above)
  • Hodge Podge or Laminate the cards

So it ends up just like a Memory Game! To play have all the cards faced down and on your turn you turn over two cards, if the feelings faces match you get to keep them and you share about a time you felt that way or something that makes you feel that way. Kids love that there favorite character or theme is involved and they open up in ways that will amaze you!

More pictures to come, as I’ve also made Minions, Cats, and others 🙂


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