Mixed-Up Feelings on “Maybe” Days

mixed up

I work with a lot of little ones who have a lot of “maybes”. Reading “Maybe Days” and other stories similar helps children to realize that it’s hard to hear maybe as the answer to so many questions. Many of the “maybe” responses are to big questions like who will I live with forever, will my mom and dad get back together, will I ever be able to see my sibling again…and the list goes on and on. It’s also healthy for kids to know that it’s ok to have a lot of mixed-up feelings when they have “maybe” days.

1) For this activity we make a list of all the feelings they may have about their maybes. For younger clients we put the picture of the feeling next to the word (since a lot of times they can’t read yet).

2) Let the child pick the color they want to represent each feeling and talk about the feelings related to their maybes. Finger paints work great for this but regular paints would work too! Allowing the colors to mix helps add the mixed-up dimension.

3) A body outline (or you could use a heart) is used to have them fill in how much they feel of each feeling with the color related. The end product is a colorful person (or heart) that looks rainbow instead of all mixed-up.

This is also a great activity to lead into what kids can do with all their mixed-up feelings. Sometimes we make a list or poster for home of the things they can do to get their feelings out when they feel all mixed-up to help them remember their coping skills and stress relievers!


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